Focused Lung Ultrasound and Pneumonia in the Emergency Department


Focused Lung Ultrasound and Pneumonia in the Emergency Department    

This ph.d. project has the following aims:

1. to provide an overview of original research in point-of-care focused lung ultrasound in emergency medicine, with emphasis on levels of evidence and outcome usefulness.

2. to design a point-of-care focused lung ultrasound course for emergency physicians, based on international expert consensus

3. to determine if diagnostic work up with focused lung ultrasound in addition to standard of care increases the proportion of patients that have received intra-venous antibiotics for pneumonia within 4 hours


1. Scoping review

2. Delphi study

3. Randomized controlled multicenter trial

Conflicts of Interest

Nothing to declare. 


Søren Helbo Skaarup, MD, PhD
Rasmus Aagaard, MD, PhD
Jesper Weile, Associate Professor, MD, PhD
Bo Løfgren, Professor, MD, PhD
Hans Kirkegaard, Professor, MD, PhD, D.M.Sc.