TAME Cardiac Arrest


TAME Cardiac Arrest is a phase III, multi-centre, randomised, parallel-group, controlled trial to determine whether targeted therapeutic mild hypercapnia (TTMH) ;improves neurological outcome at 6 months compared to standard care (targeted normocapnia (TN)) in resuscitated cardiac arrest patients who are admitted to the intensive care unit.

The hypothesis is that an elevated CO2 will increase cerebral blood flow, as an effect reduce cerebral damage, and give a better neurological outcome. This has been demonstrated in small pilot studies.     


It's planned to include 1700 patients, and we are at approximately 850 now. 


TAME is a trial with origin in the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Research Network. It is managed from Monash University, Melbourne and PI is Gleen Eastwood.

AUH is the only center in Denmark, but we are very active and one of the centers worldwide that include the most patients, we are close to 100. Local investigators are dr. Anders Grejs and Steffen Christensen from ICU East and Hans Kirkegaard Research Center for Emergency Medicine.