Purpose & organization

DESIGN-EM (Research Network for Organization Design and Emergency Medicine) is a multidisciplinary research network that combines research-based knowledge of optimizing organizational design with the emergency medical field. Founding members of the organization are the Center for Emergency Research (CfA), Aarhus University Hospital and the Department of Business Management, Center for Organizational Architecture (ICOA), Aarhus University.

The Design EM Network aims to provide evidence-based guidelines on how to design effective emergency departments today most appropriately. The guidelines are based on the latest expert knowledge in the field of emergency medicine and quality in the care of patients as well as the latest expert knowledge on how to optimize organizational design. Based on data-based analyzes combined with innovative software development, the DESIGN-EM network supports the implementation of research results in practice.

Research Projects

My projects aims at investigating how healthcare professionals use an information system (IS) to support patient treatment in a shift work context. Theoretically, use is motivated by a number of factors related to the individual user’s domain such as usefulness to the individual user’s work or ease of use. In a setting in which close collaboration not only within a single work shift, but also across is a prerequisite for the quality of patient care/outcome, the use of IS may be motivated by other factors than usefulness and ease of use.

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Treatment of elderly patients in own home – a cross-sectorial alternative to emergency admission

The purpose of this research project is to avoid cases with unnecessary emergency admissions of elderly, medical patients to reduce the risk of infections, delirium and physical and psychical loss of function at a vulnerable patient group.

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